General Terms & Conditions

Barrage 8 Inc operating as MCM Arts USA, a Corporation in the State of Wyoming (“MCM ARTS”) accepts reservations and provides services subject to the details, terms, and conditions outlined here (“Terms & Conditions”). By registering and submitting your first payment, you are accepting all Terms & Conditions and entering into this contractual agreement between you and MCM ARTS. Please ensure you carefully read and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to registering for a tour. MCM ARTS reserves the right to modify or update the Terms & Conditions from time to time at our sole discretion; the most up-to date version of the Terms & Conditions can be found at any time at


MCM ARTS is not able to guarantee a particular seat or seat section on the tour flight(s), or a particular room or room type in a tour hotel. Likewise, while MCM ARTS carefully checks information submitted, and we strive to keep travelers informed regarding the pertinent details of all arrangements and accommodations, from time to time, changes (such as, without limitation, road, public transportation, and hotel construction work, airline flight scheduling, or changes in government regulations impacting the tour activities) occur and errors may be made. MCM ARTS will work to rectify any issues with the planned-for-tour arrangements and accommodations in accordance with our company best practices and pursuant to these Terms & Conditions.


The Cancellation policy for this tour is located on the “Cost & Payments” tab.

MCM ARTS strongly recommends that all tour participants purchase Cancel for Any Reason Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances.



MCM ARTS does not collect frequent flyer program information from tour participants.  Similarly, MCM ARTS cannot use frequent flyer points to book flights.  Tour participants can, at the time of checking in for the flight, at the airport, ask the airline staff to add their frequent flyer number to their booking.  Please note that in some cases airlines will not accept numbers for group flights and when they do, points earned may be reduced because it is a group booking.


Tour participants will be asked for dietary requirements after they register for the tour. MCM ARTS will advise airlines and restaurants booked as part of the tour of the traveler’s special dietary requests. Please note the MCM ARTS cannot guarantee all dietary requests will be accommodated and all issues regarding food and drink, including allergies, or dietary requirements and restrictions, are the sole responsibility of the participant.


Each traveler must have a valid passport that will be in effect for at least six (6) months after the last day of the tour (a requirement to enter many countries). Tour participants will be asked to provide their passport information via a secure online portal.  We must receive this information no later than 60 days prior to departure. Travelers are responsible for the accuracy of the information entered on the portal and may incur change fees if the information they entered is not correct.  It is also advised that every traveler also take a picture of their passport prior to traveling and ensuring they have a way to access or obtain a copy of that picture in case of an emergency.


Before the tour, each traveler is responsible for applying for and obtaining any necessary travel visa(s) for each country to be visited; travelers are advised to begin this process well in advance of the tour. For up-to-date visa requirements, US citizens should visit

Citizens of countries other than the U.S. should consult with their Embassy or Consulate to determine and obtain the necessary visa(s)


MCM ARTS recommends each traveler visit their physician prior to registration and again before traveling to ensure the necessary health precautions are taken. Furthermore, each traveler is responsible for knowing, and complying with, the health and vaccination requirements for each country to be visited. Please refer to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the “CDC”) in Atlanta for the latest health and vaccination requirements. The Travelers Health Hotline is 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) and the website is:


The responsibility of MCM ARTS is strictly limited. MCM ARTS acts only as an agent for travelers in arranging accommodation, transportation, dining, sightseeing, performance, and other services as agreed up and appropriate based upon the tour itinerary. As such, MCM ARTS shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of any company or person engaged in conveying or servicing the travelers from whatsoever cause.


MCM ARTS must store certain traveler personal information (such as full name, address, payment information, etc.) and other details supplied by travelers in the MCM ARTS database in accordance with the company Privacy Policy. This information is used to make tour arrangements and communicate information about the tour to travelers, tour groups, and group organization administrators.  To arrange the tour, MCM ARTS may relay personal information on travelers and tour groups to land operators and other third parties in countries with different data protection controls.


Each traveler must read and sign the Acceptance of General Terms and Liability Waiver Form.  If any traveler is a minor (aka, under 18 years of age), a parent, legal guardian, or empowered representative must sign on the minor’s behalf. In the event any person(s) does not sign, that person(s) cannot go on the tour and the cost to the remaining travelers in the group may increase in accordance with the terms contained herein regarding group pricing.


MCM ARTS is committed to offering only those itinerary features which meet our high standard of service, and to continually improving itinerary features whenever realistic improvements are possible. If unforeseen circumstances warrant, we reserve the right to vary itineraries and/or destinations and to substitute hotels, sightseeing venues, or other service offered in order to fulfill that commitment; in addition, while MCM ARTS will work to mitigate any increased costs associated with, and proactively communicate regarding, such variations, we reserve the right to pass on these extra costs to the travelers. Venues, repertoire, accompaniment, and performances may be adjusted or modified, with final arrangements contingent upon the number of performance participants and availability. Changes to itinerary features will be communicated in a timely fashion to the tour point of contact, who will be responsible for communicating appropriately with all travelers.


Participants are fully responsible for any costs arising from the damage, loss, or theft of any personal property during the tour.


MCM ARTS welcomes all travelers on our tours. However, the trips are fast paced, require a great deal of walking, and can be physically demanding. Due to these restrictions, you may not be able to fully participate in the tour. Furthermore, MCM ARTS is not responsible for any denial of service by carriers, hotels, restaurants, and other independent suppliers, and cannot refund the cost of any activity in which you were unable to participate. We encourage that any disability requiring special attention be reported to MCM ARTS at the time you register for a tour.

MCM ARTS will make reasonable attempts to accommodate special needs. Travelers requiring extraordinary assistance must be accompanied by a paying companion who is capable of and totally responsible for providing the necessary assistance.


MCM ARTS, the Tour Leader, and chaperones establish behavior rules and directions for all student participants. Failure to abide by the rules or directions may result in the student being sent home at the parents’ expense without any right to a refund.  All tour participants will be responsible for their own actions at all times, and the Tour Leader and chaperones will be held accountable for the action of all participants in their group.

Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by minors or drugs of any kind for which you do not have a valid prescription, behavior infringing upon the ability of others to enjoy the Tour, or compromising your own or others’ safety, or is otherwise inappropriate, or violates the law as well as violation of certain other rules, constitute grounds for immediate expulsion.

MCM ARTS is committed to providing an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated.

On occasion, program participants may be allowed by the Tour Leader to leave the group and to explore on their own. MCM ARTS has no responsibility for participants when they are on their own and it is the sole responsibility of those participants to take whatever actions are necessary to rejoin the group, at their own cost. If a tour participant is late in appearing for a scheduled departure, the Tour Leader has no duty to delay the Tour to wait for the participant.


MCM ARTS recommends travelers consider individually purchasing travel insurance to protect themselves and their travel investment against the unexpected; in particular, MCM ARTS strongly recommends travelers consider purchasing an appropriate supplemental travel protection plan, such as cancel for any reason, where they harbor concerns regarding the potential for traveler cancellation. MCM ARTS may not discuss the terms of such insurance policy offerings with travelers, who are encouraged to carefully review policy documents and contact the insurance provider for more information.


MCM ARTS does not accept applications for travelers under the age of 6 at the time of departure. Registration for children 12 and under is subject to individual review, and the decision to allow participation in a trip is at the sole discretion of MCM ARTS.


We encourage friends and family to come to the public events that are held throughout the tour. In this regard, certain policies are in place in consideration of the preparation of the tour arrangements and regulations that are mandated by insurance.  These policies may be further expanded by the tour committee and the director/leader of the ensemble.


We look forward to seeing all NRFF at all the concerts that are open to the public.  If tickets are required, MCM ARTS can help direct you to any ticketing information.


With the approval of the group director/leader, we will be able to share the accommodation information.  NRFF are responsible for making their own reservations.


NRFF cannot ride on the group designated buses. This is due to the insurance regulations of MCM ARTS and the bus company.


Meals are arranged under a group reservation for the registered participants only. 

Sightseeing and shopping excursions

NRFF can make their own arrangements to purchase tickets to attractions that are open to the public. Reminder that students must stay with their chaperone group unless determined otherwise in advance of the tour.

Private concerts, events, receptions, etc

For insurance reasons, NRFF cannot attend private concerts and events.  At the discretion of the tour committee and director, some events may be ticketed and will require your registration and payment in advance.